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Novende’s vision is to make a difference in the world – but we start closer to home. With our inspired team and ambitious mentality, we are boldly advancing into 2023 with plans to develop games, apps, and everything in between. So why settle for anything less than perfection?

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Create Invoice from any device


Create invoice online from any device, without instaling any software.

24/7 Availability

Get the reports 24/7 without any need from any device.


Keep track of most sold products in any time.


Choose from more than 10 different invoice templates.


Manage your payments and debts in real-time, and from any device.


Track your client's debts, payments, and the most successful client.

Discover Novende

We work on this kind of project by investing all our time in solving difficult problems. We don’t play around when aiming for the ultimate even if it means taking the harder road

Quiz Mania (alb)

Quiz Mania is a trivia game for all the trivia nuts out there! We know you want to challenge your brain and impress your friends, so we're giving you the chance to do just that.

Discover Facts

Think you know a lot? Think again. There are so many interesting facts that you have never heard of, and Discover Facts is about to tell you all of them.

Egg Farm

The chickens need you! It's up to you to help them collect as many eggs as you can in this addictive, one-touch game.

Practice Math

Craving for some chilly math? Practice Math is here to provide you with a lot of math-related challenges.

Quiz Mania

Quiz Mania is a trivia game for all the trivia nuts out there! We know you want to challenge your brain and impress your. . .


You don't have to be a spelling bee champion to play Spelling. Throw down your best words in two minutes and see if you're a word wizard.

more than 10k real facts


Get the most information from Geography, in most interesting way.


While we are all interested in discoveries, here you can check for free.


Learn how the most influenced people work, how they did their job . . .


We all are in need to know general knowledge.


Learn dates and events of all sports, with just one click.


Medicine is the mos interesting field, where we all want to know more about.


It's worth it 🤩
Shefshet H. Ademii
Kuiz Mania Reviewer
You are the best
Kejsi Baraj
Kuiz Mania Reviewer
You are the best
Kejsi Baraj
Kuiz Mania Reviewer
May Allah reward you, from this app I started doing morning and evening dhikr.
My Islam Reviewer
I like it! Especially the new reminder notifications for dhikr, super👏
Albina Sahiti
My Islam Reviewer
Great App, I started to learn quick math again.
Practice Math Reviewer
An app for every business


Get online with the most easiest platform in matter of minutes.


All you products in one link, managed from any place.


Get the rating for you company and products.


Create an online catalog with every category or sale.


Every Restaurant has a menu, create and manage menu online.

QR Code

QR Code scan can show your product list or your restaurant menu.


Triliosoft Restaurant

Manage your restaurant from any device.

Triliosoft POS

Your POS on any device, is the best way to sell.

Before you buy check at


Rate a product and give your clients more faith to buy.


List of all companies with ratings, and comments from different customers.


To order a service with best rating is the best way for service.


List of products with the most ratings, and list them in any order.


Want to know the rate of specific product, not a problem.

QR Code

Scan a product and rate it automatically from a mobile phone.